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Tutoring supports a child who is working below grade-level expectations or who needs additional practice.

Academic Enrichment offers extra topics, higher levels and additional skills.

Generally, your child’s private class will focus on phonics, reading, writing and/or math.There will be homework to do prior to the next class.


  • Would you prefer 1-hour or 90-minutes for your child’s class?
  • Would you prefer one class per week or more?
  • The fee is $40 for one hour…$60 for 90 minutes.


Enrollment is open to PreK, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade students.

Students are accepted for enrollment without regard to race, ethnic or national origin, gender, or religious affiliation.

Enrollment priority is given to former students and their siblings.

Contact or email for more information.

For enrollment consideration: 

  1. Make an appointment to meet with Lise to discuss the student’s current
    academic levels, skills, needs and successes. In addition, discuss your
    expectations for academic progress, improving skills, and/or other needs.
  2. Each student joining the program will have a personal introductory visit prior to their first class.

A $50 registration fee is due at enrollment. 






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